Jun. 19th, 2008

Ok, we think we have it... we're down to three housing options: 

1.  The bargin basement house, which seemed like doom... (for starters, since we last visited the back door had been kicked in).  It backs on an apartment complex.  No guarantees of how it will be kept up.  There are lots of issues... it's at 50k below county appraisal... there is a reason for that!

2.  The  mid priced house.  This seems like our most likely option.  It's got a backyard that while not huge is decent.  It is actually technically a 3 bedroom though they marketed it as 5.  Two of the "bedrooms" are in a basement.  Since a fully equipped fireman cannot get in, it cannot really be considered a basement.   This house needs decor help and comes with a 3k carpet allowance... If we can get insurance (we have big dogs, it's next to a park) we're going for this one.

3.  The uber house... it's big and it costs money.  We like this house for the most part... we're just not in love with the cost.  It's at the tip top of our price range and we have to fence the HUGE back yard... 

Fingers crossed!! it's decision time.



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