I received an e-mail "Dog in need of home" about 4 weeks ago now. The dog is a 5 year old male Rhodesian Ridgeback. I have always said if I saw a male Ridgeback in need of a home I'd try to adopt it if possible.

Tonight I met this dog. He's a 5 year old intact male Rhodesian Ridgeback that is housed outdoors 100% of the time and does not get walked. When you go back inside after playing with him he stands at the door and howls. He has been an outdoor dog for the past 4 years (ever since the couple's first baby was born). Prior to that time the dog was allowed indoors for 2-3 hours in the evening. It's a toss up as to what part is more worrying.. the medical or the behavioral issues.

I asked if the dog was on heartworm preventative... somehow I expected that because the dog was outdoors all the time and these people lived in a VERY nice home the answer would be yes. However the response I got was "No, No, he isn't on any of that stuff, I grew up on a farm. We don't do that kind of thing, but he did have the 3 rounds of shots they get when they are a puppy...". In fact, the last time that dog got shots was the last time it ever went to the vet at all. No deworming, no heartworm tests, no core vaccinations, no yearly checkup in the last 4 years. So at this point, before I can even risk introducing my dog to his dog I am asking him to at least do the following:

  • Get the dog Current on all core vaccinations It's illegal to bring a non-vaccinated dog (rabies specific) into Kansas.

  • 4-in-1 heartworm test - I want to know how big a bill I'm setting myself up for, I already have to neuter this dog.

  • Fecal (Dewormed if needed)

  • Flea preventative

I'm sending him an excerpt out of the Vaccinating Your Dog article. Along with the above list.

He's got a bloody spot on his front wrist which he licks a lot and he was obsessively licking his paws... both could be signs of fleas or some other form of itchiness, but I can't be sure if it's that or just obsessive behavior related to being out alone without a pack.

Now for the real behavioral issues. I know I CAN deal with most of these, the real question is do I want to... The first and biggest issue is that he masturbates all the time. In the 45 minutes we were there he had 3 or 4 orgasms. I want an inside dog, I can't have him spraying off all over my floors! I noticed his legs trembling a bit but I couldn't figure out if that's yet another medical issue or if it's just because he just got off...

Also, he started to eat a shirt while I was there (I took it away before he could finish the whole thing, while the owner made a joke about people paying lots of money for colonics). He barks and then howls when you leave. He's desperately lonely in the big back yard of nothingness. Since he's been an outside dog for 4 years he's going to have absolutely no bladder control... he's used to going whenever he feels like it... which is yet another problem that would have to be addressed, though by far the easiest. He hasn't had a true behavioral test though I was able to take things away from him, maul him and poke at him without him reacting negatively. He hasn't been cat tested either.

On a side note, both my guy and I got really itchy after being out with the dog for a short period of time. My guy ended up with little red spots clusterd on his arms... I think it's fleas or contact dermatitis from something in the yard... however, I'm worried it's the dog's saliva. My guy isn't allergic to my dog at all, but maybe it's an individual thing, I just don't know.

On an up note, he's not a fence jumper, he doesn't jump on people or use his size for bullying, he's reported to be good with kids and he is incredibly intelligent.

I'd love to be able to at least get him out of that environment and find him a home that does suit him if I can't keep him... however I don't think I'll even do that if this guy won't at least do the bare minimum yearly maintenance. I think at least some responsibility for his animal should be a requirement.

Slick Deals

Jul. 4th, 2007 08:27 pm
I love slickdeals.net

In the past week I've found two great deals...

Wilson's Leather is offering an additional 50% off their clearance items and free shipping when you use code 7262. Valid today only, 7/4. Limited sizes remain available for certain items. Thanks zurgboi, catluver, and RaGe420. http://www.wilsonsleather.com/category/index.jsp?categoryId=2446819

And the second is a place called http://www.homedecoratorsoutlet.com/ seems completely random... they have these randomly amazing deals like this fan shade: http://www.homedecoratorsoutlet.com/P/Sierra_FanVanity_Light_Shade/00/ You have to hunt through a lot of items, but you cna find some great deals.... Of course the first set I bought when they tried to fulfill the order 4 of the items were out of stock... they sent me a $10.00 coupon though. Receive 15% off your order with promotional code 8587920...

Both of those were off slickdeals... just sharing the news *grin*
Pizza Hut is donating 20% of it's sales (not profits) to Greensburg Kansas today. I decided I was going to do my part (oh no, pizza, what a sacrifice!). To make up for it, I walked 2.5 miles tonight ... However, when I got around to ordering, the cupboard was bare. Pizza Hut has run out of food. Not just pizza, but everything. I'm sure the residents of Greensburg Kansas will receive a lot of much needed help.

LJ World Article on Pizza Hut donation

I've been promising myself that I'd try and journal every day. Just to see where I'm going and what's happening in my life. Here goes attempt number one (hopefully attempt number two won't occur six months from now.)

I'm currently on eHarmony so I'm cheating and listing out the questions I had to answer today. eHarmony goes through several phases of communication before you get to the open communication stage and I'm working through those stages with a bunch of guys (It's amazing what losing 50lbs will do for your dating life...) Here are the questions the latest guy asked me. I really hope he's not nuts, he's cute ;)

1. Describe an interest you have that you would truly hope your partner could share with you.

I really enjoy Celtic Music. I’d love for my partner to enjoy live shows, music festivals and the like. Most recently, I went to Starlight Theatre to see Riverdance which was absolutely phenomenal.

2. Tonight you can do anything you want, no penalties, no reprisals, and the cost is unimportant. What are you going to do?

I’d really like to gather everyone I know who would love New Zealand, charter a 767 and take them all. Unfortunately, that would take longer than one night and the consequences would return before we even finished the flight. Instead I’d like to do one of those crazy stunts ala “It Could Happen to You”. I’d love to go to a grocery store somewhere in a lower income area and buy everyone’s groceries. I’d have to find a way to do it where no one knew until they were checking out… otherwise people just get greedy.

3. What are your political beliefs?

Wow, this is a huge question. I think we should probably stick to a general overview for now *Grin*

*Finds a Soap Box and clears here throat*

I classify myself as a moderate, but I’m a pretty passionate moderate. I advocate smaller federal government that stays out of state’s business and state government that stays out of people’s private lives. I believe in the Constitution of the United States and in the values that this country sprang from. I believe you cannot legislate morality, nor should you want to. Adherence to moral practices without belief is a hollow victory that is easily broken.

I am currently on a very big personal responsibility kick right now. If people looked at a situation and worked to find ways to make it better instead of ways to make it not their problem, the world would be a better place. I believe that the major issue in society today is a lack of personal responsibility.

*Stepping down off the soap box*

Ok, having said all that, if you’d like my views on any specific beliefs, let’s talk about it. I’m fairly open-minded and I’ve been exposed to a large set of view points. My definition of normal is pretty broad and I’ve taken a lot of time to set my opinion. There’s no way for the main “hot button” issues to fit in this tiny box, so we’ll have to cover those another day.


Apr. 9th, 2006 02:56 pm
So, for months now I've been having these strange reactions where body parts would swell to two or three times their normal size or I'd get hives that would migrate along my lymphatic system. All very scary. It's been happening ever since I got healthy and started eating right, also very annoying. I went to the doctor, they ran tests for weird things like Lyme Disease and Rheumatic Fever and Scary things like Rheumatoid arthritis and other immune system problems. All the tests they ran came back negative, except for C-Reactive Protein. Now according to all these very fine medical professionals, C-Reactive Protein is practically useless, it simply tells you something is inflamed. Which we knew, what with the swelling and all. So last week I had two major outbreaks in the same week and I ended up allowing the doctor to run a $450 blood test to test for allergies. EEP.. The tests are back and go figure I'm allergic to mold.. no biggie, mold is gross right? But all this time, while I've been eating healthier, more of the lean meats and fish, less of the carbs and red meats etc etc etc I've actually been poisoning myself. Because guess what.. I'm allergic to fish AND shellfish so the staple of my diet is now right out the window... I've got to throw out or give away most of the food in my freezer... and I don't get sushi or tuna or talapia or salmon or anything *cry*
That was exciting, not in a good way. My Thundercall weather warning service (http://www.thundercall.com/) telephoned me this morning at 8:10 am telling me a severe thunderstorm warning had been issued for my area. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the dog so she could go outside before the storm actually got here. Shortly after we came inside it got really dark. Then I heard a noise unlike normal high wind sounds associated with thunderstorms, yes, it actually sounds like a freight train. I looked out the window and the wind kept switching directions. So, I grabbed my dog and my laptop and went into my laundry room. Not the best shelter, but it has at least one reinforced wall. I think I'm going to clean out a closet and try and use it instead. I actually have one that's on an interior wall. It's the closest I have to an interior room in my house and of course, I don't have a basement. I have been planning on taking out my deck and rose trellis in the next couple of months. Today gave me a jumpstart on that project, the trellis is down (the frame remains). I had a couple of fairly large branches slap down onto my roof... I've heard KU was hit pretty hard and there seem to be a number of places with roof and siding damage, LOTS of trees down. What amazes me is that power didn't even go out at my house. Power is out all over town, but it just flickered here... Shortly after the storm I was outside surveying the damage around my house and a bike rider came through.. he'd been trapped outside during the storm. It blew in so suddenly the sirens didn't go off until well AFTER the winds began. They don't know if it was a tornado or a microburst, but they think the winds were around 100 MPH. This was completely unexpected, the meteorologists were not expecting storms like this given the current atmospheric conditions... The storm wasn't tornadic before it got here, there was no indication of rotation when it got to lawrence, if it was a tornado, it developed over Lawrence. It is producing tornados in Missouri now... this was a quick one, just goes to show, we don't know as much as we think we do. Bummer, as I was posting this message power went out to my neighborhood. Some tree must have finally fallen on the line somewhere. Yay! Power's back!
You scored as Angel. Angel: Angels are the guardians of all things, from the smallest ant to the tallest tree. They give inspiration, love, hope, and positive emotion. They live among humans without being seen. They are the good in all things, and if you feel alone, don't fear. They are always watching. Often times they merely stand by, whispering into the ears of those who feel lost. They would love nothing more then to reveal themselves, but in today's society, this would bring havoc and many unneeded questions. Give thanks to all things beautiful, for you are an Angel.














What Mythological Creature are you? (Cool Pics!)
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Bad Date

Dec. 14th, 2005 10:35 pm
So, I went on what I think was a pretty bad date tonight. For a while now I've been trying to decide if I was going to keep dating this guy. He really didn't seem interested in whato say and he really didn't seem to care as long as I showed up and listened to what he had to say. For example, I was telling him about my day (after I had listened to his day) and he interrupted me mid sentence, 2 sentences in and started talking about something else completely. So I called him on it and he said he wasn't interested in what I have to say he was just interested in me. Then he proceeded to try and pull me into his lap, ignoring the fact that I was trying to get away from him. I spent the next 5 minutes in evasion mode while telling him he had to stop, right then. He'd stop but 30 seconds later he'd be at it again. So I abruptly left. I don't think I'll be seeing him again. This was plenty.. though he did get me a chronicles of narnia book for my birthday. I kept it.
I love House so much it makes my toes curl. I love Tuesdays again.

Only one more episode... so sad.

Also, I love fandom, and the rockin' cool people in it.

I gave up smoking, I'm giving up eating yummy food.. I'm not giving up my fandoms.

I love life.. Love House.... May get a new job... hmm....

And it's supposed to snow again tonight.. with an added bonus of sleet.. Wee...

On the other hand.. I haven't heard from the boy I used to date, nor from the boy who seems to want instant gratification.. but I have heard from the guy who doesn't know me but wants to know if he's suitable for marraige. He says he understands he's been rushing me a bit, considering we haven't been on a date.. so he wants to know if we can just hang out and be friends with no pressure.. but before we do that he'd like to be sure that if we start hanging out and I think he's suitable I will start a relationship with him immediatly.. I'm wondering if he needs an alternate means of staying in this country... Hmm.. Dating sux.
After yet another day of intensive introspection, I've determined my dating philosophy. I'll get to that in a minute.. first the circumstances surrounding the birth of this epiphany.. Rambling here.. )

From this point forward, I require everyone I date treat me with the respect they would expect for their own child. If they can't treat me with that level of respect, they aren't worth dating.

In fact, this just generally applies to everyone. I expect to receive that level of respect, and my number one goal is to give that level of respect to everyone I meet.

This whole treat others as you want to be treated doesn't seem to work nearly as well anymore.. I think these days, a lot of people expect better treatment for their children, than they expect for themselves.. or at least.. given what people seem to expect for themselves these days, I hope they want more for their kids...

I am the spinster on the couch.
An abused dog has more rights than an abused child.

I was hanging out at a friends house today, she's a foster mom. She has a couple of babies right now, one born addicted to Meth, the other almost starved to death, because the baby's low functioning mother thought that because it didn't cry it didn't need fed.

The babies are beautiful, and much in the way of cuddly, but their future is a bit murky due to their rocky start. The meth baby is going up for adoption, like it's six previous brothers/sisters have. But the starved baby.. who was within a few hours of death, who had curled up in the fetal position, who coded on the flight to the hospital.. TWICE.. will be returned to its mother if there is any possible way.

Because unlike puppies, who when starved are removed from the home and found a new loving home, society thinks the best interest of the child is served by attempting to get them back with their mommies and daddies..

Boggles the mind..
[livejournal.com profile] quinnclub came to town, much happiness occured. Then he made me go meet people, it was surprisingly lovely and I was really glad.. Maybe I'll even leave the house a bit more.. perhaps take up belly dancing.. Yay! I got to meet [livejournal.com profile] starstraf and [livejournal.com profile] adammaker again improving my faith in this little spot in Kansas.. Hmm.. still hating public speaking... The sad thing is that I like public speaking when I can see the people I'm speaking to.. just not when you can't judge the reaction.. so, this is one of my rare posts.. not my favorite mode of interaction...

But the file extension thing is fun :)

You are .doc You change from year to year, just to make things tough on your competition.  Only your creator really has a handle on you.
Which File Extension are You?

Brain Fry

May. 29th, 2003 06:10 pm
My brain is totally fried, but it's a good fried, which comes from programming a LOT of stuff very, very quickly.. as opposed to a bad fried which comes from arguing over how these things should be programmed very, very quickly... Of course.. it almost turned into a bad fried.. but I didn't have time for it.. so I built the function and I can't test it.. why??? because the person responsible for building the query I have to use wrote a query that returns 0 results... as in NONE... and when I asked him about it he said I couldn't get any results so I assume it's working..

I love logic.

Bah.. I'm going hunting in the personal ads :P

Anyone have pictures from the wedding ([livejournal.com profile] quinnclub
and [livejournal.com profile] tafkar they can send me?
So, we've been having an in office argument on the ability for the citizenry to reinstate govermental standards if the us government has stepped beyond the bounds of the constitution.. happily, I won... even if they do call my point obscure


He said:
Christine does have a point, however obscure. The constitution empowers citizen militias to uphold the constitution and defend against insurrections. An insurrection can be defined as an elected group of politicians disobeying their sworn oath to office. In this case, the constitution does not bar citizens from overthrowing that governing body. I do not think this would stand up in the Supreme Court, but one could interpret it this way.
*sigh* I'm back at work.. *bleh* I find it mundane, though they really seem to have missed me by the amount of work they've left.. it's kind of nice to be missed.. though I would rather be independently wealthy.... I have seriously high hopes for [livejournal.com profile] tafkar's day. Hoping things go golden real soon... I suppose I should be working.. Bah Humbug!
Hah! I didn't have to take the puppies to the pound. Two of the people working at the emergency vet clinic decided to keep them. So now they have homes where they will get attention and their ears will get to heal. YEAH!!!

I still wanna horsewhip all these people who dump dogs in the country.
Ugh... It's almost midnight and I have to be up at 5 in the morning.. I couldn't sleep because I'm so annoyed right now.. so I thought hey.... I could post on live journal... so I am... it's kinda spacey, because I'm so tired.. but such is life...

I'm very irritated with all the people who dump dogs in the country because "a farmer always needs a dog" We have dogs... LOTS of dogs.. they kill the cattle and sheep, destroy the crops, and die miserable deaths as ticks and fleas suck them dry and they can't find food. My mom and I were sitting on the back porch talking tonight and a dog and two puppies ran through the backyard. We called them and the two puppies came back. They can only hear us out of one ear each, they have between 50 and 100 ticks on them and they are very skinny... Of course, they didn't run through the backyard until 15 minutes after the vet closed. Even if the vet was open, they probably wouldn't have helped much... there are a LOT of stray puppies in the country... We ended up driving all the way into town to take them to the emergency vet clinic to get the ticks removed and a deworming. Tomorrow I have to get up at 5 am so I can get back into town and pick the puppies up by 7:30 am when the clinic closes. I have been calling around and no one has any kennel vacancies and all of the no-kill shelters are full. So I have to take them to the humane society and hope they have room so they don't get put to sleep. It sucks.. They are really cute puppies we named them Elijah and Moshe. They are really cute.. but a little under weight. They have less chance of getting adopted because they are black lab mixes and large black dogs get adopted less for some reason.. or maybe it's that there are more of them, so the percentage of dogs who don't find homes and are black lab mixes is higher... I don't know.. the shelter works with local no-kill groups so I might be able to work out some kind of deal. They also are really good about calling people back when the dog's time runs out so they can get them and make other arrangements... We couldn't keep them at our house, because of the worms.. we have four dogs and 3 cats, we can't risk them all getting worms and ticks.. *blech* well anyway.. I feel better I ranted and what not.. I'm off to bed.. hopefully a solution will present itself somehow.. Maybe someone will come into the vet clinic overnight just hoping to find two lab puppies... wouldn't that be nice :)
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