So, Daemon is tired of sitting around in his crate or sitting around on his bed and waiting until he doesn't have to sit anymore. So today while I was at work Daemon took matters into his own hands. He broke out of his kennel and tried to find something to do. He tried to play with Darby or get out the back door (Darby's kennel is usually sitting next to the door, not in front of it.  He moved it 3 feet). He thought it was sh*tty that he couldn't get out (both the kitchen floor and the living room had a dose). He tried to go out front so he could get his 2 mile walk but the portals would not function for him. In the end he gave up and played with his dog toys... all of them. That opaque blur at the bottom of the last picture, that's Daemon, still in his eCollar I can't even picture how he got out of the kennel with it on his head... I know he unhooked the front section and squeezed through, but with a 1 foot diameter cone on his head, that's an impressive feat.  I think we're going to be doubling dosage on the Acepromezine until we get off of bed-rest *SIGH* 


Nov. 3rd, 2007 02:04 pm
I went to go get Daemon's stitches out today and the first set they removed the wound reopened and ooze poured out *SIGH* two more weeks of bed rest *argh* He's going to hate every second of it so I'm going to hate it too... that's also two more weeks before I can try moving him and Darby back into sleeping in my room instead of their crates (he's only 1/2 miserable if Darby sleeps with him... he's on antibiotics for the next ten days and I have another appointment to go see the Vet on Tuesday... I'm bummed...
Yesterday went really well. He kennel trained instantly and didn't pee in the house once. Though at one point he did try and kennel in Darby's airline crate (while she was in it). I'm not sure how he got in nor why she didn't kill him for it, but I'm glad. They are really really friendly.

Today was a slightly different story. My man and I had to go get pictures taken and apparently the dog barked for the entire 5 hours we were gone. We know this because the nice woman from animal control told us so. Oops! It was a less than stellar capper to the afternoon. I put him back outside and determined that it was not separation anxiety, instead it's willfull pissyness when he doesn't get his way. So, after trip three to Petco and the purchase of a Citronella bark collar... we put him back in his outdoor run. He barked once at full volume and got a disgusted look on his face. Then he tried again, after the second bark he sat for a moment then starting at the slightest whine he slowly got louder and louder to see when the collar would go off, after that he maintained a volume slightly under the collars trigger point. YAY technology... but man he's too smart. I failed to take him on a walk this morning, so by the time all this was finished he was totally out of control. I took him out for 2 miles and he came home Daemon instead of demon...  

So we've got barking and that annoying testosterone issue of his to resolve, but as long as I walk him 2 miles or more a day I think we're good to go.  He's getting what words mean and beginning to understand that if he walks over he gets petted and he's always allowed back in.  He does MUCH better staying in the inside kennel he hates being trapped outside... which is sad, because his bladder likes it better out there.

So far today he's tried to use his blankets, the automan, the no mark belly band and himself to get off... I finally took him outside (he just needs to learn there are some things we do in the privacy of our rooms).  He's currently seeking said privacy in his kennel... 



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